Josefa Maria Stiegler
  • University of Vienna

Josefa Maria Stiegler is a political scientist working at the intersections of feminist security studies, critical urban studies and decolonial theory with a focus on Latin America. With an interdisciplinary background and degrees in urban studies (Malmö University) and gender studies (University of Vienna), she is interested in bringing feminist security studies and urban studies into dialogue. Josefa is at the […]

Constantina Theodorou
  • Department of Urbanism, School of Architecture NTUA, Athens.

Constantina Theodorou is an architect and urban researcher.  As a PhD candidate of Urbanism NTUA she is exploring emerging assemblages of geology-infrastructure-politics under the spectrum of climate change. Parallel to academic research, she is engaged with performative practices in urban space (walking lectures, video performances, reactivation of empty spaces) with collaborations/participation among others with Greek Film […]

Johan Pries
  • Department of Cultural Geography and Economic Geography, Lund University

Johan Pries is a historical geographer at Lund university researching and teaching popular movements, everyday life and spatial planning.

Bruna Montuori
  • School of Architecture, Royal College of Art

Bruna Montuori is a researcher and interdisciplinary designer based in between London and Rio de Janeiro. She is concluding her PhD at the School of Architecture, Royal College of Art, where she investigates the intersection between space, narratives, and insurgent citizenship through the work of Redes da Maré organisation in Rio de Janeiro. Her research […]

Dr. Syeda Jenifa Zahan

Syeda Jenifa Zahan is a feminist urban geographer. Jenifa’s research focuses on themes of gendered violence, urban security, inequality, and feminist activism in urban South Asia. Jenifa uses feminist approaches to investigate how longitudinal, structural and everyday forms of violence are interlinked and produce particular geographies of violence and insecurities for urban dwellers located at […]

Rob Kitchin
  • Maynooth University

Rob Kitchin is a professor in the Maynooth University Social Sciences Institute and the Department of Geography. He was the principal investigator on the Programmable City project (2013-18), the Building City Dashboards project (2016-21), the Digital Repository of Ireland (2009-2017), and the All-Island Research Observatory (2005-2017). In the book, The Right to the Smart City. Kitchin and co-authors provide a critical reflection on whether another smart city is possible and what such a […]

Camila Freitas de Souza
  • Lund University

Camila Freitas de Souza is a Latin American interdisciplinary scholar whose research encompasses urban studies, gender studies, and human rights. She has been part of projects focusing on Mexico, Brazil, and Chile as case studies, while addressing issues such as social (in)justices, colonial and geopolitical power relations, smart urbanism, and grassroots movements. She is now […]

Fredrik Torisson
  • Malmö University

Fredrik Torisson is a postdoctoral researcher in Urban Studies. His research can be placed within the fields of architectural and urban historiography and architectural theory. Research interests include critical readings of architecture and the built environment, architectural and urban historiography and different modes of envisioning desirable futures. Currently, he is investigating the smart city and […]

Carina Listerborn
  • Malmö University

Carina Listerborn is a Professor in Urban Planning at the Department of Urban Studies at Malmö University, Sweden. She is co-founder of the vigorous research environment CRUSH – Critical Urban Sustainability Hub – and the Vice-Chair of the Institute for Urban Research. Her research interests include feminist urban perspectives on neoliberal planning, critical housing studies […]

Robert Nilsson Mohammadi
  • Malmö Univeristy

Robert Nilsson Mohammadi is a historian holding a position as an Associate Senior Lecturer at Malmö University, Sweden. He was previously employed as a project manager for oral history at the Museum of Movements in Malmö. His general research interest has to do with the politics of representation, which he investigates in relation to how […]

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