Authors who would like to publish in Urban Matters can do so by either responding to a call for contributions to a theme issue (see ‘answer calls for contributions’), or proposing a theme issue.

Contribution forms

A theme issue typically includes between 5 and 10 contributions from different authors. Contributions can take different forms: they can be research articles, commentaries, interviews, photo essays or book reviews.

Research articles can be original unpublished research material or can be popular versions of research findings that have been published elsewhere. They should be minimum 2000 words and maximum 4000 words in length. Research articles should be accompanied by at least one visual (photo, drawing, etc.) that respects copyright legislation.

Commentaries express opinions about contemporary urban issues and events that have international relevance. Commentaries should be minimum 1000 words and maximum 2000 words. Commentaries should be accompanied by at least one visual (photo, drawing, etc.) that respects copyright legislation.

Interviews with urban experts should be original, deal with internationally relevant topics and should be between 2000 and 4000 words in length. Interview transcripts should be submitted together with one picture of the interviewee and possibly other visuals.

Photo essays deal with urban issues that benefit from a strong visual representation. They should contain at least 10 photographs, start with a brief introduction outlining the theme of the essay and each photograph should have a caption.

Book reviews should review recently published books that have broad relevance for the field of urban studies and should be between 500 and 1000 words.

Please consult our style guide here. You will find out more about our editorial policies here. The language of the journal is English.

Be a guest editor for a theme issue

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    Contribute to an upcoming theme issue

    OPEN CALL: Intermedial interventions in the city

    With the ‘implosion of atoms and bits’ in the digital age (Jurgensen 2012), the city is inseparable from the media practices and mediations that shape it. Urban spaces are produced, navigated, experienced, and remembered through interactive maps, social media, graffiti, and advertising imagery. The city is also the scene for combinations, transformations, interrelations, and integrations […]

    Submit a review

    We accept reviews of books, exhibitions, movies, TV series, and theatre plays with broad relevance for urban studies. Reviews can be submitted at any time, and the topic does not need to be related to any thematic issue.

    Reviews need to engage with recently published material and should be between 500 and 1000 words.