Intermedial interventions in the city

Street Poetry: The Lyrical and Societal Voice of the City

The Subversive Voice Matt Siber tested the power dynamics of language and communication in public space through his photographic experience “The Untitled Project” (2002-2010). This project implied the transfer of messages, such as publicity or instructions, from the public space to a blank piece of paper: the results were unsettling, modified photos of public spaces […]

Fault Lines, Fragments & Punch Lines

Content Warning: This interview includes discussions of sexual violence Jeanelle Hurst is an intermedial artist, a reclaimer of cities, and a driven and influential member of the Brisbane independent art scene from the early 80s until the mid-90s, whose work is best represented by Red Comb House, O’Flate National Art Safari, Outdoor Art Drive-In, and […]

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