Dislocating Urban Studies

Climate justice in the context of planetary urbanization

Amidst the escalating emergency of climate change (CC), addressing issues of climate justice is almost an imperative. Any valid response to its totality is impossible without fair and inclusionary policies that enhance the political feasibility of a zero-carbon transition (Patterson et al., 2018). However, it is inconsistent to seek justice within the same geopolitical schemes […]

Implications of “conceded informality”: The state and adaptive reuse in brownfield regeneration in Shanghai

Introduction: the state and adaptive reuse in brownfield regeneration in Shanghai In major Chinese cities, industries grew rapidly after the founding of the socialist country in 1949. By the end of 1980s, manufacturing sites occupied around 30 per cent of the urban land in large Chinese cities (Hsing 2006). Since the 1990s, urban land policies […]

The not-so-empty lot – Ethnographic experience and reflections visiting Cariri’s former concentration camp area

While housing more than 70.000 drought refugees in 1932 in the Cariri Region, in Ceará State (Northeast Brazil), Buriti concentration camp’s history is mostly unknown both locally and nationally. At the turn of the twentieth century, Northeast Brazil suffered some of the most severe drought periods ever registered, commonly known as the Terrible Years. Groups […]

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