Rethinking the Multiplicity of Urban Infrastructure

Naanwais and Non-Citizens: The Political Economy of Afghan Migrant Infrastructures in Delhi

There has been much criticism that transnational migration literature that speaks of cities as “magnets” or “gateways” for migrants (Glick-Schiller and Çağlar, 2009; Price and Benton-Short, 2008) overlooks the everyday constitution of urban space and how migrants construct this space (Collins, 2011; Feldman-Bianco, 2018). This essay concerns itself with the Afghan everyday in Delhi, from […]

The Hybrid City: How the Blanka tunnel controversy revealed a multiple nature

Introduction Prague’s Blanka tunnel project has been a site for assembling social relations in the capital city and the Czech Republic for decades. Today it continues to trigger controversies surrounding practices of planning, negotiation, and contestation of this project. This paper focuses on critical moments of breakdown, a series of collapses in a protected park, […]

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