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The smart meets the creative — The disappointing parable of the first Digital Creative City in Mexico

In 2012, standing on a podium with a banner that read, “With more technology, we sow the seed for a prosperous Mexico,” the Mexican President at the time, Felipe Calderón, announced that Guadalajara had been chosen to host the Digital Creative City (DCC), the first smart city in Mexico as well as an international hub […]

Smart cities, justice and local governance. An interview with Rob Kitchin

The Institute for Urban Research recently put together an online course for city officials working with smart city policies ( The course is a collage of interviews with smart city experts and wants to transfer insights from social science research about smart cities to municipal practicioners working with smart city questions on an everyday basis. […]

Research Article
Tracing Brazilian (social) smart cities: on conceptualization, implementation, and practices

Introduction Smart cities have now become a pervasive concept for corporations and governments, often alluding to cities of the future: shaped by technology and driven by human and social capital, innovation, and urban development. Following such enthusiasm, academics have been motivated to critically engage with the concept, underscoring some of its shortcomings, such as the […]