Research Article
Segregation and Landscape Injustice in the Shadows of White Planning and Green Exceptionalism in Sweden

We write this article deriving from our work “White landscapes:  tracing socio-spatial epistemologies of Whiteness in contemporary Swedish planning” ¹ presented in the session “A Non-Occidentalist West: Learning from Theories Outside the Canon” of the “Dislocating Urban Studies” Workshop Series (Malmö University) in 2021. Our research is driven by a frustrating paradox: that the dominant […]

Smart cities, justice and local governance. An interview with Rob Kitchin

The Institute for Urban Research recently put together an online course for city officials working with smart city policies ( The course is a collage of interviews with smart city experts and wants to transfer insights from social science research about smart cities to municipal practicioners working with smart city questions on an everyday basis. […]