Laleh Foroughanfar

  • Postdoc Researcher
  • Malmö Universtiy- IUR

Laleh Foroughanfar is a postdoc researcher at Institute for Urban Studies at Malmö University. She holds a PhD (2022) from Lund University School of Architecture. Her research focuses on urban marginalization, otherwise architecture, and socio-materiality and temporalities of everyday life. Her PhD thesis, entitled The Street of Associations: Migration and Infrastructural (Re)Production of Norra Grängesbergsgatan, Malmö, explores the transformation of a post-industrial working-class street, emerging from the intersection of de-industrialization, global migration, and urban marginalization in Malmö. Based on a combination of ethnographic and architectural methods, mapping the in-situ conditions, the thesis elucidates how migrants have (re)produced infrastructures in support of their aspirations to remain in the street; how migrants negotiate their right to difference and their right to the city. The thesis argues that other ways of city-making require a revision of the value systems guiding planning institutions, which engage with multiple voices and subjectivities in the pursuit of co-production and co-habitation.