Defne Kadioglu

  • Postdoctoral Researcher
  • Malmö University

I am a German-Turkish researcher interested in the relation between neoliberal urban governance and social inequality, particularly in the context of Turkey and Western Europe. My PhD focused on the nexus between the gentrification of immigrant-heavy neighborhoods and racism and discrimination in Germany, with a particular focus on immigrants from Turkey. As a research fellow at Istanbul Policy Center I then widened my geographical focus to analyse state-led urban transformation projects in Istanbul. At the Institute for Urban Research at Malmö University I plan to develop a critical agenda of European “creative city” discourses and policies and ask how the image of the creative city interacts with other urban practices. Given my research experience across different regions, I am also interested in advancing comparisons between cities of the so-called Global North and Global South, particularly how various forms of urban redevelopment are negotiated on the ground in different social, economic and political contexts.