Vítor Peiteado Fernández

  • Doctoral Student

I am a PhD candidate in Urban Studies at the universities Malmö and Roskilde (Denmark). I am also part of the research platform CRUSH (Critical Urban Sustainability Hub). My primary research interest is the politicisation by grassroots social movements of housing issues, the redefinition of the right to housing and its importance in the struggle for the right to the city. Concretely, in my PhD thesis  I analyse how the social mobilisation for the right to housing in Spain has led to the articulation and redefinition of new spaces of activism, materialised in the emergence of experiences of institutionalisation labeled as New Municipalism. I use qualitative methods and I am especially interested in the intersections between Critical Urban Theory and Assemblage Theory. I have experience teaching both at bachelor and master level on various urban issues, mainly urban social mobilisation and housing. I have working experience in the public and private sector as policy adviser and analyst in various countries. I hold a Master in Sustainable Urban Management by Malmö University and a Master in Political Science by University of Santiago de Compostela in Spain.