Sima Wolgast

  • Senior Lecturer
  • Lund University

Sima Wolgast has been a psychologist since 2007, and a psychotherapist since 2013. She worked as a clinician before engaging in social psychological research. In 2013, she began her doctoral studies in a project about discrimination in the labour market. Her thesis aimed to study different factors influencing recruiters when recruiting from an applicant pool including applicants from ethnic groups other than white Swedish. Ethnicity was predicted to influence recruiters’ perception and behaviour in different phases during recruitment. In collaboration with the Stockholm County Administrative Board in 2018, she conducted an extensive quantitative investigation into the segregation and discrimination of Afro-Swedes in the workplace. Wolgast currently works as a Senior Lecturer at Lund University. She is involved in research that focuses on developing countermeasures against segregation and discrimination, and interventions that promote psychological well-being in minorities. As a senior lecturer at the Department of Psychology she teaches courses in psychotherapy, creativity, social psychology, and conversational methods. In recent years she has been working with collaborative oral history in Malmö.