Robert Nilsson Mohammadi

  • Associate Senior Lecturer
  • Malmö Univeristy

Robert Nilsson Mohammadi is a historian holding a position as an Associate Senior Lecturer at Malmö University, Sweden. He was previously employed as a project manager for oral history at the Museum of Movements in Malmö. His general research interest has to do with the politics of representation, which he investigates in relation to how actors and users of history have been, and can be, engaged in explorations of history and history-writing. Furthermore, his research concerns oral and public history, transnationalism, racism and its counter-movements, the social movements of the 1960s, urban justice and youth work. Nilsson Mohammadi is currently involved in the research project “Scandinavia as an Arena for the Black Panther Party”, in which he uses oral history to learn about why the BPP oriented themselves towards the Scandinavian countries, and how these contacts shaped the BPP and its travelling members, as well as the Scandinavian actors that received them. In his capacity as Associate Senior Lecturer, Nilsson Mohammadi is also working with the connections between the right to the city and narratives, an area he explores in collaboration with Malmö-based civil society actors.