Arianna King

  • PhD Candidate
  • Tulane University

Arianna King is a Doctoral candidate in Urban Studies in the City, Culture, and Community Program at Tulane University. Prior to doctoral study, she earned a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Fine Arts from Brandeis University and a Master’s degree in Urban Anthropology & Urban Planning from the University of New Orleans. King is committed to the use of interdisciplinary approaches which combine historical, geographical, and anthropological theories and methods. Her past and current research projects leverage a wide range of these approaches to explore the intersections between urban studies, market trading, urban redevelopment, and public space. Arianna’s forthcoming dissertation is titled: Beyond the Market Walls: An Ethnography of Market Modernization in Cape Coast. She is a current member of the African Studies Association, Urban Affairs Association, the American Anthropological Association, as well as the Ghana Studies Association.